After having completed my Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing I have been teaching on teaching on the program. I have tought software development which cover beginner C# to UWP and Xamarin Mobile Development.

My big interest lie in web development technologies for both web and desktop software.

While in my teaching role I introduced modern technologies like Git and Docker, these technologies are not very common within the education-sphere, but I felt that it was important for graduates to know and have experience with these technologies before heading into the industry.

Teaching at the start of my career was not really the intention, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I also know that in this space I am not able to extend myself as a developer, which is what I would like to do. I love to innovate and think outside the box.

The next step
I am looking for a web developer job and a new adventure to stretch my knowledge in this field. My interests lie in creating functional and good looking websites and applications. I am wanting to work with a team that would like to do the same.

Over the last 3 years I have taught classes from introductory programming in C# to creating complete CMS applications in PHP using a custom MVC framework. I have a strong interest in Javascript, NodeJS and looking into React and React-Native is my next hobby.

I am a team player, like to innovate and think outside the box to find solutions. I am a member of the ITP here in Tauranga and have served as a committee member for a number of years. Integrity and honesty are a big part of my character.

My Work



Simple client website that uses json data for the menu.


Intranet site for students, completely made in CSS grids (some UI elements in bootstrap) and content is pulled in from markdown files.

NPM Packages


This is a global package which sets up a docker LAMP environment for vanilla PHP or with a simple MVC framework


Webpack setup for static sites and environment variables


Class Tutorials

Example of how I have recorded my classes for students

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Example of how I have broken down a bigger topic into smaller videos for my students

Contact Me